Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The heart of our home

I call our home Audarya Bhavan to remind me that this is not really my house; the center of our home is our service to the devotees of Krishna and to our worshipable Deities. Here's a picture of our altar, taken last year. I have since laid a tile floor. The Jagannath Deities and Sri Sri Radha-Madhava are guests and are the worshipable Lords of our godbrother, Nischintya and of our godsister Aditi, respectively.

My worshipable Deities include our Shalgrama-shila, Sri Murali-manohara, seen here in a picture taken several years ago, when we lived in Hilo.

We are also blessed with the opportunity to worship Sri Krishna and Balarama in the form of two tiny Govardhana-shilas.

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